Weekly Training

Sunday Morning

Junior coaching will start on Sunday 19th April from 10.00am. Please contact James Hollingsworth or Mark Ward for further details.

Age Group based Training

Training groups are based on age and ability.

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When resources and time allows, one-to-one coaching sessions can be arranged.

Langtons has a number of experienced and specialist coaches to help with development.

  • James Hollingsworth - 07900 492616
  • Tom Flowers 07815 647892
  • Phil Morrison - 07753 819649
  • David Herbert - 07765 402379
  • John Williams
  • Simon Kolka
  • Debs Bootheway
  • Rob Hastings
  • Iain Heseltine
David and James will be concentrating on the U15s this year, Debs Simon and Rob on the U13s and Simon and Iain on the U11s

Training content:

Net Practice

Net sessions will form the bedrock of training sessions.

Match Practice

Training matches help to sharpen match skills.

Training Drills

Training Drills are used to improve specific aspects of the skill-set.

Fielding Exercises

Fielding Exercises help to emphasize the importance of good fielding in the modern game.

Video Analysis
Video anaysis can help provide valuable individual performance feedback.

Training Times and Location

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Langtons CC, Main Street, East Langton
Leicestershire, LE16 7TW.
Telephone: 07801230109
E-mail: langtonscc@gmail.com
All Junior training from 10am - 12noon